We are Us,
and so are you.

Who we are

Us, is a collective of creatives working to deliver innovation to health and social care. We focus on Mental Health and in particular Dementia.

Why you are Us

Our combined expertise spans product and service design, digital innovation and arts management , but it’s the people we work with who make our projects special. Yes, that’s you.

What we do

We bridge common knowledge within disjoined communities. We are currently building a community of people affected by dementia who want to share their knowledge around well designed, inclusive products and services. 

Why we do it

We believe that every product or service should be designed by the people who use them, by using their knowledge to lead manufacturers, service providers and policy makers.

How do we do it?

We cross-pollinate, sharing our and other people’s wisdom.

We love to talk to people with dementia, their carers, health care professionals, manufacturers, designers. 

We take our time, we ask, we challenge, we listen, we write, we join dots, but most of all, we care.  

We have a dream

A pool of resources, gathered by people affected by dementia, for professionals working in the sector. 

Free. Grassroots. Accessible. 

Help Us building our dream

We are about to launch a series of ‘dementia cafes’ where people affected by dementia can share their stories, tips and knowledge around products and services they use in their everyday lives. We’ll bring the cake, you bring the natter. 

The cafes will be in Glasgow, Scotland (UK), they will be free to attend and open to everybody. 

Photo by Marisa Howenstine on Unsplash

Small design change, big deal.

We’ve worked for over a year in an acute dementia ward in Gartnavel Hospital to improve the well being of patients, where we made an impact also on carers and staff. Watch below a short film we made about the project.  

Say hello.

If you would like to know more about Us, get in touch, we’d love to speak to you. 

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